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Letter: Sarita Bhandakar has a record of advocacy for all - Times Herald Record
"Schmitt said no to prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity; no to protecting rent-regulated tenants from harassment; no to preventing firearms in schools; no to women making family planning decisions; no to increasing state rent control protection and stabilization rules; no to transferring voter registration and enrollment after moving; no to extending voter registration cut-off, and no to early voting. 
"Schmitt is for term limits. I agree. Vote for Sarita Bhandakar (AD99). Her record demonstrates true advocacy for families, women, minorities, seniors, and the principle that constituents come first."
‘Sarita Bhandarkar will be a sounding board for her constituents’ - The Photo News
"In today’s political climate where we see bombastic rhetoric substitute for true leadership, Sarita Bhandarkar will be a sounding board for her constituents and will support and strive to enact legislation to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the 99th District."
Sarita Bhandarkar will ‘work for us ... to ensure the best possible quality of life for Hudson Valley residents’ - The Photo News
"Sarita will vote to fund our public schools and deliver to them the resources that they need. She will also advocate for increased access to quality public transportation... I know that Sarita will put her skills as an attorney and mediator and her love for the Hudson Valley to work for us and negotiate to ensure the best possible quality of life for Hudson Valley residents."
‘We need her voice in Albany’ - The Chronicle
"Colin [Schmitt] voted against safety measures intended to allow voters to vote absentee/by mail in order to protect against the spread of disease. And even though he voted against the property tax cap, he claims to have voted in support of it... A vote for Sarita [Bhandarkar] in November will ensure our futures will be represented by someone who as a local educator and lawyer cares for our community and has the expertise to prove it."
Letters to the editor: Schmitt would put us at risk - Times Herald Record
"[Colin Schmitt] boasted in a press release just last week that he is supporting new legislation which would weaken the emergency COVID-19 law... The problem is in March, Schmitt voted for the exact emergency COVID-19 law that he’s now looking to ruin! We can do better in our New York Assembly... We need to all vote for Sarita Bhandarkar this November. She knows how to unite our community to take on these challenges without a start and stop waste of time Schmitt is proposing."
Bhandarkar announces Assembly campaign - Times Herald Record
"Sarita Bhandarkar, a Democrat and attorney from Cornwall-on-Hudson, has announced her campaign for the 99th Assembly District seat held by Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt."
Sarita Bhandarkar receives unanimous endorsement as Democratic candidate for the 99th Assembly District - The Photo News
"Orange County Democratic Convention delegates rallied behind Sarita Bhandarkar last Wednesday, Feb. 19, endorsing her as the Democratic candidate for the 99th State Assembly district."
Democrat candidate emerges to challenge Schmitt for State Assembly - Mid-Hudson News
"The Orange County Democratic Committee has endorsed attorney Sarita Bhandarkar to run for the 99th State Assembly District seat currently held by Republican Colin Schmitt."
Sarita Bhandarkar Announces Candidacy For Assembly District 99 - Rockland Report
"The Orange County Democratic committee announced they would be supporting Sarita Bhandarkar as the Democratic candidate for the 99th State Assembly district."

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