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A Message from Sarita

I’m running for Assembly because residents of the Hudson Valley deserve a real advocate in Albany.    
In the Assembly I pledge to stand up against special interests, and fight for a fair shake for our neighbors who need lower taxes, affordable health care coverage, help with the opioid crisis, and better public schools.

I'm an attorney, a small business owner, and a first generation American. I've been standing up for what's right all my life; now, I'm ready to stand up where it matters most.


Keeping the Hudson Valley Affordable

The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and work; but it is also an expensive place to raise a family. As the cost of living goes up and the socioeconomic divide grows, many families who have lived here for generations find it increasingly difficult to stay.  As an attorney, business owner, and member of our community, Sarita sees first-hand the overwhelming burden being placed on Hudson Valley taxpayers.  In Albany, she will fight to lower our taxes, to create new green jobs, and to preserve our communities so that retirees and young families alike can afford to remain in the communities they love and have helped build.

Affordable Healthcare Access for All 

Perhaps the biggest threat to our community is access to healthcare. We see this more than ever with the onslaught of COVID-19 and the opioid crisis. In Albany, Sarita will stand up to insurance companies, fight to lower prescription drug costs, work to combat the opioid epidemic, and fight for better access to affordable healthcare, including access to mental health professionals for individuals and families in crisis. 

Protecting Our Seniors

Whether it's our parents or our neighbors, the senior members of our community deserve the right to comfortably age in place and remain in the communities they call home. As an elder law attorney, Sarita recognizes the issues facing seniors; and as a Member of the Assembly, she will work on their behalf to lower taxes and to ensure the availability of quality and affordable homecare services, assisted living facilities, nursing home services, and public transportation.

Supporting and Improving Our Public Schools

The strength of our communities and young people is tantamount to the success of our public schools. Supporting our public schools is vital to the success of our communities. A former public school teacher, Sarita understands the lengths teachers will go to, often out of their own pockets, to provide the best for their students. Sarita will always vote to fully fund our schools and to give our kids the resources they need, including the STEM programs they must have to be prepared for a 21st century economy and world and is committed to reevaluating our systems of funding to ensure that all students, regardless of zip code, have a fair shot of getting into a good college or pursuing whatever career they choose.


Sarita for Assembly

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